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"The music is a delight; adept guitar work, trumpet, electric piano and what sounds like an electric saw adding delicacy to ‘Eugene’ which in itself sounds like a Parisian love-song.’Brother’ could get an audience dancing,’This Bed’ has a hint of Jesse Malin and my favourite ‘The Greatest’ is a poignant and haunting song of musical jealousy.Rousseau has covered a wide spectrum so there should be something here for all listeners to find and enjoy, a very creditable album"

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"Rousseau makes full use of harmonica, trumpet, electric guitar and piano to lift songs into that other dimension that only a few solo artists can take you. This guy is one to watch. If you want a feel good pick-me-up and something that you can listen to again and again then definitely buy this album."


" (...) « Fat Bastard », dans lequel il laisse aller ses inspirations les plus diverses afin de nous présenter un véritable ouvrage de songwriter, une galette épatante installée entre rock et folk avec des accents qui rappellent autant Johnny Cash que les Stray Cats, Neil Young, les Pixies ou encore les Clash !"




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